AHSCA Hydraulic Services Flyer

Plumbing design is carried out by Hydraulic Consultants who design and document engineering services for buildings. These services are a critical part of the building as they include the supply and disposal of the liquids and gases throughout the building. Can you imagine a building without a bathroom or a water supply? It would be a different world without these things we consider commonplace.

While many people take it for granted that these services just “work”, most buildings require the Hydraulic Consultant to prepare design plans so the Plumber can install the services. The design also includes the responsibility of water reuse, energy conservation and many other issues important to the community.

Hydraulic Consulting is an exciting career and gives you the opportunity to work on construction projects such as hospitals, defence facilities, high rise buildings, shopping centres, recreational facilities, schools, universities and factories to name a few.

This flyer describes the role of Hydraulic Services Consultants and how to become one.