General Questions

What is a professional engineer?

Engineers conceive, design and build almost everything around us in our man-made environment. They take the scientific knowledge of the day and combine it with their practical experience and wisdom to make things work.

Why use a Hydraulic or Fire protection consultant?

Hydraulic and Fire Consultants that are part of the AHSCA are:

  • Professionals who have had to submit their qualifications and experience to become a part of the AHSCA, hence proving their knowledge of Hydraulic and Fire Services systems to a high level.
  • Required to maintain their education through a Continued Professional Development (CPD) program which ensures they are up to date on current design processes, products and technologies.
  • Able to contribute to the science and practice of the industry with a variety of knowledge and skills.
  • Required to provide Hydraulic and Fire Services in a professional and ethical way in accordance with the AHSCA Code of Ethics and Code or Professional Practice.

Can I discuss an issue with a member?

Yes, If you are a member please call the relevant state office. If you are not a member… please contact us through the Contact us form and email your enquiry through. We will endeavor to answer your question as soon as possible with the relevant information to assist you now.

Other Questions?

Please email any other enquiries to us click here.


Why should I join the AHSCA?

The AHSCA is the forum for advancement of Hydraulic and Fire Services engineering and professional development of our members. Some of the great reasons to become a member of the AHSCA are:

  • To be part of an active group of professionals in the industry.
  • To obtain and provide information relating to experiences in the construction industry.
  • To be kept up to date with industry progress on matters including:
  • Education
  • Australian standards and codes
  • Authority policies and circulars
  • Environmental factors
  • Products witihin the industry
  • Trade shows and conferences
  • To be able to advance your education through a Continued Professional Development (CPD) program that is recognised by local government and the Building Professionals Board
  • To be able to network and form friendships with other consultants and suppliers within the industry.
  • To take the lead in advocacy of the profession, which can encourage the introduction of new, young members in the future.
  • To be able to make a contribution to the industry by getting involved. There are many levels on which this can occur.
  • To champion professional and ethical conduct and to help maintain the integrity of the industry.
  • To celebrate excellence in Hydraulic and Fire services engineering outcomes.
  • To attend quarterly general meetings which include a formal meeting structure, a dinner and a presentation provided by sponsors.
  • To attend a yearly Annual General Meeting (AGM) where full members are able to elect an executive board.
  • To attend a number of CPD days organised by the AHSCA throughout the year.

Why consider a career in hydraulic engineering?

Engineers are creative and problem solving. They conceive and build a building or a process plant or a product in their mind before transferring their concept on to documents so that it can be built. There is great variety in being an engineer; every day offers a new challenge. What could be more satisfying than developing the solutions to a variety of challenges and planning their implementation?  As a professional you can also expect to be paid a salary which recognises your skills, dedication and experience. An Australian-trained professional engineer has the skills to enable him or her to work almost anywhere in the world.

What should I study?

Engineering requires individuals with highly developed skills in logic, numeracy and communications so you need to achieve good HSC results in English, Maths and Science. To become a professional engineer you must qualify in an appropriate course at a university, TAFE or other tertiary institution. These institutions offer full-time courses, sandwich courses (which combine work and study), or part time programs.

Click here to view the recommended Educational program currently offered in NSW for Hydraulic Services – Plumbing

What are the associations’ policies?

Policies are all outlined in the About AHSCA menu section. You can read through the Objectives and Directions (SC03 – 0601) or the AHSCA Rules of conduct (SC03 – 0603)

What networking opportunities exist within this association?

Being a member of the AHSCA enables you to network with other Hydraulic and Fire Services consultants, suppliers, manufacturers and authority/regulator representatives. For members, these contacts could provide future career opportunities, potential new business, friendships and they can be a valuable source of information.

How can the AHSCA help if I have legal problems?

By referring to our List of Suitable consultants which specialize in this area… their profile will include the CODE Q  Expert Witness  and they will be able to assist you with any legal issue and resolution. Click here to view the list of suitable consultants.


How do I join AHSCA?

Simply go to the members section for becoming a member or click here.

What is my membership number?

Also known as your certificate number. This number can be located at the bottom of your AHSCA certificate. Please contact us should you require assistance retrieving this number.

What are the benefits of membership?

Being a member of a professional industry body helps add credibility to your business and gives you immediate access to a support network of peers that you might not otherwise have. The AHSCA application process and continual professional development program ensures you or your company is recognised as a trained and skilled industry specialist, and our advocacy and lobbying efforts strive to achieve best practice within the industry. It is also important to take part in our education programs, seminars and conferences, as they enable you to expand your knowledge and build your network. The AHSCA aims to represent the needs of all our members at all levels, and continue to promote our industry to the wider community.

Please see AHSCA membership benefits


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