Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Outline

The AHSCA encourages its members to take industry appropriate training courses in order to maintain up-to-date technical skills and knowledge of processes, technology and legislation.

The Association has set a minumum requirement for each member as 45 CPD points in each 3 year period, with a minimum of 10 points required in any one year. A minimum of 3 stormwater points per year is required for members to be included in the stormwater register maintained by the Association.

This ensures that our members professional knowledge in continually advanced, such that they meet the changing needs and expectations of society and the construction industry. All points are awarded through our CPD Coordinator. You can receive points automatically following attendance at an AHSCA CPD Event, or on request using the form found at the bottom of this page.

Members that meet the Associatoins CPD requirements are listed in our CPD and Stormwater Register.


The Association sets the following objectives for its active involvement in Continuing Professional Development:

  1. Provide a CPD scheme in line with Industry and Regulatory Standards.

  2. The preservation and enhancement of high standards of professional performance by its members throughout their career.

  3. The ensuring of currency in hydraulic services design knowledge by its members.

  4. The increase in individual hydraulic consulting capability as a contribution to national development.

  5. The provision of a formal structure in support of Continuing Professional Development activity by its members.

  6. Documentation of an acceptable level of Continuing Professional Development by its members.

  7. The formal recognition of members' achievements in Continuing Professional Development.

  8. Provide information on the availability of appropriate Continuing Professional Development opportunities for its members.

  9. The support of relevant Continuing Professional Development activities by the employers of professional hydraulic designers as part of employee’s normal duties.

Attend an AHSCA CPD Event

CPD events are held throughout the year. The events generally consist of a number of industry speakers who present information on a wide range of topics from new code requirements through to medical gases and fire protection.

A full list of upcoming events can be found in the Events Calendar.

For more information on these CPD days you can contact the association by telephone on 1300 797 101 or email us here.

CPD Points Guide



Association General Meeting
Association organized CPD events
1 per presentation hour or as advised
Factory Tour including the following:
  • Manufacturing process and/or
  • Discussion with Technical staff
Max. 2
Attendance at Plumbing trade shows
Max. 2
Field day - e.g. inspection of unusual or complex hydraulics installation or high green star rated building.
Max. 2
Successful completion of post graduate Diploma or degree studies (Excludes the education courses required for Association membership) or additional profession relevant education at registered training organization (RTO).
Note: 10 points applies to non-technical courses only. Other courses will be judged on their merits. Stormwater points are additional unless subject matter relates to same.
1* per hour, max. 10 points/year
In-house technical seminar involving technical discussion with presentation by internal or external person. Note: a maximum of 4 in-house seminars at 0.5 points each are claimable each year without substantiation from the presenter.
Author an article of a technical nature published in a trade magazine or trade journal.
Other as assessed by the Management Committee

*Points may be modified at Executive Committee discretion depending on content.

Detailed Advice

The CPD activities shown in this section provides detailed advice to assist members to fulfil their obligation for CPD:

  • Appropriate Content: The theory and general practice of hydraulic services design, as defined for purposes of membership of the Association. However, content could also include education for other skills and related professional practices including business management and ethical studies.

  • Appropriate Activities: Any CPD undertaking should seek to encompass a range of opportunities, to complement and update existing knowledge, sharpen skills or prepare a hydraulic services consultant for additional responsibilities or tasks. Appropriate activities would include:

  • Congresses and Conventions: These include congresses or conventions run by allied professional bodies and which provide subjects of interest and education for hydraulic services consultants.

  • Courses, Seminars, Workshops and Lectures: Similarly, these can include those provided by a wide range of organisations including private providers, educational bodies and government departments.

  • Development Activities: Presented by the member's employer (home base learning). This type of CPD activity is more common with government departments although it is increasingly popular in larger firms or in some rural areas. It may also be a joint activity conducted by a number of firms. After presenting an “in-house” activity the member shall submit a summary of the presentation to the CPD Coordinator who will advise on the CPD points applicable.

  • Tertiary Courses: These are specific education courses including certificates, diplomas, degrees etc. This does not include the education required to gain qualifications for membership of the Association.

  • Development Activities: Presented by outside experts. These would be similar to “in- house” activities described above except that the accent is on bringing in outside expertise.

  • Research and Writing of Technical Publications and Presentation of Technical Paper: This would include preparation of papers for the Association Journal or e-newsletter. Such papers should be at least 2,000 words, preferably typed (electronic), on hydraulic services matters.

  • Manufacturer’s Technical Presentation: This should not be purely a product sales based presentation and should contain technical information.

  • Service on Technical and Practice Sub-committees: This would include committees of the Association looking at specific technical subjects. It may also include service on technical committees of Local Government instrumentalists.

  • Other Individual CPD Activities: Which have been specifically assessed by the Association as being appropriate CPD activities of a technical nature.

It is the responsibility of each person to accurately record all CPD activities and forward same when completed to the Association for assessment and recording on the database.