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The AHSCA endeavours to provide support, education, assistance and advice to its Members, to the full extent of its resources.

Members are expected to maintain high ethical standards of behaviour in respect to their service and operations in exchange for the Association’s support. If you share our vision for the industry, we invite you to become a Member and look forward to working with you toward common goals.

To become a member please select the correct Membership Plan listed below. Please note you are initially required to create your Webfriend User account before being presented with a selection of member plans.

AHSCA Memberships are based on a financial year. The membership packages are displaying pro-rata rates to July.

Note: If you'd like to upgrade your existing membership please contact us by clicking here. This cannot be completed online.

Visitors can register as a Subscriber for free allowing them access to Private Content. Subscribers cannot ask Questions or make Comments, only Members have this privilege.

An Affiliate Member shall be a manufacturer of plumbing or allied products whose principals have no financial interest in a plumbing contracting firm. Affiliate members are entitled to advertise in the Association's newsletter for a prescribed fee, as determined from time to time by the committee and to hold seminars for the benefit of the membership. Please note that an Affiliate Member has no voting rights under the constitution.

Annual fee is $3300 incl. GST.

The administration fee for new members is $50 (incl. GST).

Full Members shall  have six years' experience as a hydraulics or fire services designer in a recognised professional office and hold the Diploma of Engineering (Plumbing Services) or equivalent. During this period, acceptance of responsibility for design, planning and specification documentation shall be considered necessary for membership.

The annual cost for a Full Member is $440 (incl. GST), plus a $50 administration fee for new members.



To become an Associate Member of the AHSCA (NSW) branch you must be working in a recognized Hydraulic/Fire Consultant’s office as a hydraulic or fire services designer, design drafter or supervisor in the consulting engineering profession. An Associate Member has no voting rights under the constitution.

The annual cost for an Associate Member is $330 (incl. GST), plus a $50 administration fee for new members.

This membership aims to provide students enrolled in an approved course with an insight into the Association. It allows students to register for events, attend General Meeints and provide input into the curriculum of the TAFE Plumbing Services Diploma Course. A student member has no voting rights under the constitution.

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The Committee has waived all Student Membershp fees until 30th June 2018.


This membership is available to all teachers that hold the Associate Diploma of hydraulic services or fire technology or equivalent qualification and have at least six years part or full time teaching experience. There shall be no conflict of interest i.e. the teacher member shall not carry out services installation contracting work outside of TAFE hours.

Teacher Member has no voting rights under the Constitution.

The annual cost for a Teacher Member is $220 (incl. GST) plus a $50 administration fee for new members.


Available to all full members who have 25 years or more continuous membership of the AHSCA and have served on the executive committee.

The annual cost for a Fellow Member is $220 (incl. GST).


Shall be a company which must have a director or principal who is a full member of the Association. It is eligible to use the Association logo on all drawing title blocks and is entitled to other rights and privileges as determined by the committee. A corporate member has no voting rights under the constitution.

You must be a Corporate Member to be listed in the 'Business Directory' on the AHSCA (NSW) website.

The annual cost for a Corporate Member is $330 (incl. GST), plus a $50 administration fee for new members.

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