Marine Equipment International Pty Ltd

About Us

MEI offers a No Weld Stainless Steel (316L) crimped Piping System that has been proven to save both time and money in a range of related installations.
The key feature of this system is speed of installation thus reducing labor cost, It is also a system that looks good, has high corrosion resistance, is low cost to maintain and is a clean system.
1. Cost Savings. Of over 30% are commonly reported by our customers, when compared to welded SS.
2. Speed of Installation. 10 times faster than a welded system and much faster than threaded or roll grooved options.
3. No Hot Work. Thus no hot work certificates or fire risk. Also, no welding means no alteration to metallic structure at joint, thus better chemical resistance and lower corrosion rates.
4. In Situ Installation. All piping can be site run. Reduces or eliminates the need for detailed workshop manufacturing drawings or workshop spools.
5. High Quality Materials. Pressure up to 4000kPa and temperature rated up to 200°C, with the high corrosion benefits provided by Stainless Steel.
6. Fire Rated. To Australian and international Standards.
7. Strong and Durable. Fire, shock and vibration rated to military specifications.
8. Proven system. Has been used for over 25 years in many countries around the world.
9. Minimal down time of the system. You can repair or perform maintenance of existing pipe work without lengthy delays from welding or other lengthy processes.
The system is Australian certified and in use in the following areas:
- Potable Water. Has Australian Water Mark.
- Harsh and Hot Water operating temperatures up to 200C.
- Harsh operating environments including Minerals Processing and coastal installations..
- Transfer lines from instrument equipment
- Marine applications
- Inert Gases
- Fuels and petroleum based products
- Chemicals
- Compress Air
- Sanitary Conduit
- Fire Systems, wet and dry Sprinkler Systems. Press Fit is fire rated for use in Industry and onboard Oil Rigs and Large Vessels.
- Food industry
- Sanitary lines, CIP lines,
MEI holds a large amount of stock and supplies these No Weld Piping solution systems from our warehouse in Sydney to customers across Australia.