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Expertise and innovative spirit have made REHAU a leading systems and service provider for polymer-based solutions in construction, automotive and industry. By combining strong development capabilities with decentralized sales and service excellence, we have become one of the top providers in the market. The highest levels of professionalism from material development through manufacturing, together with a passion for the unlimited potential of polymers are the foundation of our worldwide success as a premium brand.

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RAUTITAN Water and Gas Technical Information
RAUTITAN Pressure Loss Tables PEX-A pipe


RAUTITAN water services system was developed in collaboration with industry professionals to meet the needs of designer, developer, builder and installer. Based on the advanced compression sleeve jointing technology the RAUTITAN system provides a robust, reliable and simple connection and the highest standards in hygiene, comfort and lifecycle costs. The strength and flexibility of cross-linked high-density polyethylene (PE-Xa) pipes used together with a complete range of RAUTITAN MX (DZR Brass) and RAUTITAN PX (polymer PPSU) fittings makes RAUTITAN a superior system for both residential and commercial applications. The RAUTITAN system is easier to use, faster and more economical while delivering uncompromising security, hygiene and comfort.

  • 100% leak-proof joint - verified by visual inspection
  • Up to 60% faster installation than traditional copper systems
  • Reduce workmanship fault
  • Reduce > 30% joints
  • No welding hot work and electricity required
  • No scaling
  • 4x lesser noise/water hammer
  • Heat resistant up to 100°C
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Maintenance-free
  • Service life > 50 years
  • 25 year warranty*
  • Up to 30% less hydraulic losses
  • Burst pressure up to 70bar

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