Halgan Pty Ltd

About Us

Halgan Pty Ltd, an Australian owned company, established in 1994, specialises in all aspects of sustainable environmental treatment solutions. From the initial manufacturing of treatment products, with a state of the art rotomoulding machine, right through to the consultation and sales process, Halgan Pty Ltd provides a superior product with stringent quality assurance.

For 20 years Halgan Pty Ltd has provided pre-treatment products and a dedicated service to plumbers, developers, engineers and merchants. We’re proud of the reputation we have earned over that time for “having what you need, when you need it, where you need it”.

Continuing in our commitment to excellence, Halgan Pty Ltd has achieved AS-NZS 1546.1 Certification for the MGT S Series grease traps and pre-treatment vessels, the first pre-treatment manufacturer in Australia to attain this.

Halgan Pty Ltd is a proud member of the Australian Water Association, AHSCA, Pacific Water Association and Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia. Halgan also works in conjunction with Standards Australia and has appraisals complied by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA).

Our major clients include McDonalds, KFC, Coles, Woolworths, Westfield Shopping Centres, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Hogs Breath Café, Captain Cook Cruises, Coffee Club and many more.

Halgan Modular Grease Trap - MGT
The Halgan Modular Grease Trap (MGT) is available in a range of sizes from 550 litre to 10000 litre capacity. Units can be joined side by side, or in a line, and installed in a number of combinations. The Halgan MGT can be installed freestanding, above ground or in ground with medium and heavy duty lids. The Halgan MGT is designed to be upgradable for future expansion by adding on extra modules.

Halgan Modular Grease Trap “A” Series - MGT “A”
The Halgan Modular Grease Trap A Series (MGT “A” Series) is an additional design to the MGT series. It is a single tank that is used for above ground only, installed freestanding (there is no need for a frame). The Halgan MGT “A” Series is available in a range of sizes from 1000 litre to 6000 litre capacity. HDPE Inlet Kit and DWV Kits supplied with each Grease Trap.

Halgan Modular Grease Trap “S” Series - MGT “S”
The Halgan Modular Grease Trap S Series (Halgan MGT “S” Series) has been designed to incorporate features to not only maximise performance, but to allow for enhanced servicing capabilities. The shape allows for solids and sludge to be captured in a purpose built servicing channel, whilst utilising the benefits of the existing Surge Control Device design. The Halgan MGT “S” Series has a Patented “Service Channel”, designed for quick and easy servicing. The servicing channel has a connection for suction line connection. A stand is also available for above ground applications.

Halgan Modular Grease Trap “R” Series - MGT “R”
The Halgan Modular Grease Trap 'R' Series is used in industrial and commercial applications. It includes our patented Surge Control Device for maximum efficiency. The 'R' Series can be installed above or below ground, and is available in a range of sizes from 6000 litres to 22000 litres capacity.

Halgan Ecotec S100 Grease Extractor
The Ecotec S100 Grease Extractor is the smallest, lightest and most compact trade waste unit on the market. It is portable and installation costs are reduced by 70%. It fits through a doorway and 1 – 2 people can lift it.

Halgan Pre-treatment Devices
Pre-treatment of trade waste ensures discharged wastewater meets local Water Authority requirements, and prevents contaminants that can harm public health and the environment from entering our wastewater system. The purpose of pre-treatment is to protect raw water recovery and more generally remove anything that could hamper subsequent treatment processes. Depending on the quality of the water to be treated, our pre-treatment range includes Cooling Arrestors, Lint Arrestors, Dilution Arrestors and Silt Arrestors.

Gross Pollutant Traps
Stormwater pollution comes from many sources including litter, sediments, oil and grease, organic matter, residual pesticides and fertilisers which all add up to a negative impact on the environment. Halgan has a number of different options to treat stormwater including the HalganPure Vortex Gross Pollutant Trap.