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Hydraulic Services Consultants in NSW

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4 May

The Sydney Morning Herald reports it costs as little as $10, lurks beneath hundreds of household kitchen and bathroom sinks across Australia, and could cause thousands of dollars' damage if it is...

21 April

ODS has been the foremost multimedia resource for the external works industries for over 19 years. Offering a wealth of information, products and services across a wide platform of print and...

29 March

Sunshine Coast Daily reports: As Sunshine Coast disaster response managers kept an eye on weather in case the tropical low off North Queensland decides to wander south, engineers, developers and...


Welcome to the NSW Chapter of the Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia. This site has been set up for the benefit of our industry representatives in the Hydraulic Services of NSW.

The AHSCA consists of consultants and designers that are engaged in the design, specification and inspection of hydraulic and fire protection systems, such as hot and cold water plumbing, sanitary and trade waste drainage, stormwater drainage, fire services and gas services.

The Association serves as a forum that facilitates the exchange of ideas, experiences and solutions, and for the resolution of problems affecting the profession and practice of hydraulic and fire protection service. We are committed to assisting our members with the promotion and development of their consulting businesses and expanding their individual careers.